Friday, December 12, 2014

UNICEF/Anti-Hunger Poster Art

Some poster work I did this past semester in class. This is an anti-hunger poster done for UNICEF. For more on UNICEF please visit:

Art and Typesetting by Craig DeBoard

Still more layout work...

More layout work I did from this past semester. 

Logo Design Process (The Hero Initiative)

The following are examples of a mock logo design I did this past semester for a class. We were instructed to select a non-profit organization to redesign a logo for. I chose The Hero Initiative (for more info on The Hero Initiative check out: Designing a logo for an already established organization and brand is difficult yet rewarding at the same time. The first example shown here is a rough thumbnail. As you scroll down you'll see how the logo evolved and eventually what the final piece looks like. Enjoy checking out my design process :)

And even more layout work...

Here are three different reports I did this semester on three different designers that are influential to the art world and industry. 

Writing: Craig DeBoard

Design and Layout Work: Craig DeBoard
Photography: Various


Another assignment from this past semester. These counterform studies were a project we did early on.

A little more layout work...

Here's a little more layout work I've done throughout the semester. This project concentrated on developing grids and working with composition. As always, Adobe Suite was used.

Layout Work...

Here's some layout work I did yesterday for one of my classes, using Adobe Suite.
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out :)

Layout by: Craig DeBoard
Text: Richard Stine

Photos: Various

Monday, November 24, 2014

Environments: Opposites

So I decided to do a little painting lately and some of this I posted a while back as work in progress stuff. I'm not finished with this project yet, but a few aspects of it are finished. I opted to paint some landscapes of places that I and my lovely wife have traveled to and visited over the years that are the exact opposite from one another, all while sticking to the same common color theme throughout the project.

Up first is the piercing heat and dry climate of Quartzsite, Arizona, United States and the cold, damp, and windy Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We visited both places in the month of July (Quartzsite in 2013 and Halifax in 1996) and while they're the exact opposite in terms of both environment and location, both places held their own unique mystique and grandeur that made each of them special with no other place on Earth being quite like either of them.

Quartzsite, Arizona, United States
Acrylic Painting 16"x20" by Craig DeBoard

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Acrylic Painting 16"x20" by Craig DeBoard

and coming soon... Siesta Key, Florida, United States!

Thanks for checking my work out :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

50 Weird Things You May Not Know About Me.

1. My name isn't Craig. It's Anthony. Actually it's Anthony Craig, but my father goes by Anthony so instead I'm just Craig.

2. I'm a huge fan of camping and hiking and traveling. Any of you who have read my posts/blog probably already know that, but for those who may be new, there ya go.

3. I've played in a few different punk rock bands, doing lead vocals and have released a few albums, one of which had a track played on the radio in Chicago right between a Foo Fighters and Green Day song. When I was a kid I always said I wanted to be a rock star. I guess that dream came true for about 3 minutes :)

4. 36-34-16 was my Freshman year of high school locker combination way back in 1991.

5. I once went cliff diving off of a 40 foot cliff. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

6. I married my high school sweetheart. Granted, we didn't actually ever get together until after I was out of high school, but I met my wife of 16 years while in high school, so technically I can say I married my high school sweetheart <3

7. I'm not really sure if that little <3 above looks like a heart or not. Plus coming up with 50 random things about yourself isn't as easy as it sounds ;)

Photo by Victoria Savostianova

8. My uncle once wrestled a bear.

9. I'm a Flexitarian. Sort of like a vegetarian, but not. I don't eat mammals (that's close to cannibalism in my book) however I do eat fish and poultry.

10. I once bungie jumped (it was more like dropped and then swung) while strapped in next to my brother-in-law from either 100 feet or 150 feet (we'll go with 150 since it makes the story sound better). It was one of the most frightening (and flat out stupidest) things I've ever done. I'll stick to cliff diving at 40 feet thank you :)

11. My grandfather was a racecar driver.

12. Even though I use different processes in creating different mediums of art (painting, sequential comic book art, logo design, web design, brand marketing, ect.) I always start with the same core concept with EVERYTHING I create: composition.

13. I once bummed Anthony Daniels (the actor who played C3-Po in Star Wars) a cigarette.

14. I'll be a non-smoker of 3 years in 5 days! Woo Hoo!

15. I once saved a little boy from falling off a cliff back in the late 90s, while wearing a Superman shirt. No, I'm not kidding. And I'm not saying it to brag either. I just hope that it was a cool experience for whoever that kid was at Turkey Run State Park and that maybe he learned something from it. (Yes, it's weird that the guy who cliff dives saves a kid from falling off a cliff once. These are 50 weird things after all.)

16. I wanted to be a professional wrestler like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and others when I was younger. As I started to get into amateur wrestling in high school I snapped my elbow and it required 12 hours of surgery to fix. Today my son has his 2nd practice ever in amateur wrestling at school. (Insert worried father *gulp* here.)

17. I once played the circle game on professional wrestler Al Snow at Wizard World Chicago (2003).
HA! HA! Got you!

18. I've owned two RV's thus far in my lifetime. Hoping to get #3 in early 2015.

19. I'm not on Facebook.

20. I'm considering my own YouTube channel.

21. I don't like money. Can't stand the stuff. If someone offered me a bunch of money I'd probably glad accept what I would need to cover my basic survival costs but the rest I would gladly give away. I've never understood the concept behind wanting to be rich. Money doesn't buy happiness. By the way my PayPal is Donations for art supplies are gladly accepted. Studying for a career in education isn't cheap ;)

22. I love chicken tacos.

23. Lemonade too.

24. Here's a very old page I did back in 1999 of an obscure character I created called Hippoman. The only published version of Hippoman ever though was an ad I did for him in another comic (Some Guy In A Robe #1). Unfortunately some projects never get off the ground. Hippoman was one of them.

Hippoman artwork by Craig DeBoard, circa 1999
25. I once, many years ago, learned the hard way that spray adhesive is a bad thing to use for hairspray.

26. When I colored and lettered over Bill Mesner-Loebs work in Mysteria's Mansion I intentionally did it in an off-beat and different way so as to showcase Bill's work more so than my own. I believe it gave the pages a different look than most are used to seeing in comics and made the story stand out from the others stories published in the book. It has honestly been a career highlight of mine to have worked with Bill.

Mysteria's Mansion artwork by Bill Mesner-Loebs and Craig DeBoard, circa 2009

27. My current favorite TV shows are Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black.

28. While I listen to a large variety of music lately I've been on a pretty big Tom Petty, Bob Seger, and Rancid kick (super excited for the new Rancid album. It's out now, I need to get it.)

29. The only comics I'm currently reading are The Walking Dead, Saga, and Invincible.

30. Photography was at one time a once in while hobby for me. Now it's an essential tool in the graphic design work that I do as much as any other tool I use.

31. I live right on a lake. Yes, there are fish in it.

Darkhawk #6, published by Marvel Comics.
Artwork by Mike Manley
32. If I had to pick three artists I was the most influenced by I would say Alex Ross, Tim Bradstreet, and Mike Manley.

33. We have two gardens in our backyard. One is for fruit the other is for vegetables. This year we yielded watermelon, grapes, jalapeno peppers, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pablano peppers, yellow squash, green beans, radishes, and more.  We also planted a cherry tree as well.

34. I own two guitars. Both of them are currently broken and need repaired :(

35. I'm currently painting a scene of the lighthouse in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My wife and I visited Halifax in 1996 and loved the place. Great town to visit!

36. If I had to pick three musicians I was the most influenced by I would say Axl Rose, Lars Frederiksen, and Joey Ramone.

37. I prefer Android over iPhone.

38. I play DC Universe Online once in a while. Probably one of the best free games available.

39. I once drank window cleaner as a little kid by accident, thinking it was blue Kool-Aid. It was, how should I put it...unpleasant.

40. I don't like white cars. I think they look unfinished, as if they came straight off the factory assembly line.

41. I once got chased by a very angry opossum.

42. I think natural grass and open stadiums are better than AstroTurf and domes in football.

43. I think that "Disconnected" by the band Face to Face is probably one of the most under-appreciated songs ever written.

44. I actually was a part of the process of delivering my son, helping pull him into the world. I can literally say that I've delivered a baby. Wow....that's pretty crazy when you think about it.

45. I own a staple gun. That's all. I just happen to own a staple gun. 45 weird things and counting...

46. Yes, I wrote that because I was looking at the staple gun that I own at the time. And yes, this was a cheap way to get 46 done and over with.

47. My favorite flavor of ice-cream is anything with peanut butter or almonds in it.

48. I prefer my eggs over easy.

49. I enjoy walking and hiking. When I go for long walks is when I get the best ideas for art projects.

50. I once went to the hospital where I was born to tell the staff there that even though they weren't the ones working when I was born, thanks all the same. They thought I was a weirdo. Oh well. Maybe :)