Monday, August 25, 2014

Pop Icons: Generations

I thought I would take a shot at rendering three of pop music's most influential women from three separate generations. Each piece is on 10 x 6.5 Bristol Board and are drawn with a 2H lead pencil, a Tuff Stuff eraser stick, Zig inking pens (sizes 2 and 8), and Copic markers.

by Craig DeBoard
"Madonna" by Craig DeBoard
"Britney" by Craig DeBoard

"Miley" by Craig DeBoard

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Projects! Projects! Projects!

Been sort of busy lately with a few different projects. Thought I would give an update on them...


I'm currently in the process of writing and drawing issue #4 of Grimm, Indiana. This will be the title's final issue. I had initially planned for six issues, but I believe the story I want to tell can be wrapped up in four.


The final chapter of Surge's story from Surge #1 (originally released in 2003) and Surge #2 (originally released in 2006) and Grimm, Indiana. Once this wraps up I plan to collect Surge #1-#3 and Grimm, Indiana #1-#4 into a trade paperback graphic novel.


#Conspiracy is a new project I'm toying with and is something that is very personal. I'm writing and drawing the entire project on my own. This project will likely be a 64 page single comic.


I had initially done a 5 page mini-comic about zombies a few years ago and now the project is having it's first draft for film adaptation being worked on by Samir Goel [Perilous Possession] and Jonathan Bessette. I'm super excited for this project and can't wait to see the script once it's finished.

I'm also still cranking out plenty of celebrity sketches and am available for commissions.